[Mailman-Users] Tracing a disappearing 'post'

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 10 04:32:55 CET 2009

Bernie Cosell wrote:

>A user on one of the lists here complained that her posts weren't getting 
>through.  I looked at the sendmail log and I see her post making it to 
>the "| ...mailman  post LIST", but then the message disappeared.  I've 
>looked and it is, indeed, not in the list archives.
>I do get bounces and approvals [as both list admin and list moderator] 
>and I've not gotten anything about this user's submissions, but still 
>they appear to vanish.  The list is unmoderated ["Action to take for 
>postings from non-members.." is set to Accept].  I have one filter set to 
>'hold', and I *have* gotten submissions that got caught by that filter, 
>so I know it is working.
>What places am I missing that could get a message just to vanish?  [and 
>how can I try to make that not happen, or at least log what's happening 
>or email me or something]?

If the message was discarded by Mailman, that fact should be logged in
Mailman's vette log.

If it caused some processing exception and was shunted, that fact and a
traceback from the error should be logged in Mailman's error log.

The first step is to check those logs.

Note that given what you've said about the list configuration, I think
the most likely thing is Content filtering is on, text/html is
filtered (not in pass_mime_types) and filter_action is discard so her
text/html post is filtered to empty and discarded.

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