[Mailman-Users] bounce-events-xxxx.pck filling up quickly my disk

gherzig at fmed.uba.ar gherzig at fmed.uba.ar
Wed Feb 11 20:47:41 CET 2009

> Gerardo Herzig wrote:
>>Hi all. As my server is getting bocked in hotmail and yahoo, the pickled
>>file bounce-events grows mega-fast and quickly fills-up the partition.
>>Can Mailman be configured to "stop writing after some size", or will i
>>have to doit with some sort of Linux quota system?
> There should never be more than 2 bounce-events-xxxx.pck files, one
> where xxxx is the PID of BounceRunner and another where xxxx is the
> PID of OutgoingRunner. Any other such files are orphans and can be
> removed.
> The BounceRunner file queues received DSNs. The OutgoingRunner file
> queues outgoing SMTP rejects.
> Further, if everything is working as it should be the queued bounces
> should be processed and the file removed at intervals determined by
> the Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting REGISTER_BOUNCES_EVERY which
> defaults to 15 minutes.
> So what specifically is going wrong in your case?
My server is getting spam-blocked in hotmail, yahoo and others, and some
list have about 40,000 hotmail+yahoo address. So the bounce-events-xxx.pck
(i guess im talking about the BounceRunner one) grows almost automaticaly
because of all the yahoo and hotmail emails getting back to my server, to
the 5 GB limit of /usr/local partition.

Thanks Mark!

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