[Mailman-Users] A few configuration questions

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Feb 13 18:05:29 CET 2009

On 02/12/09 08:22, Jeff Grossman wrote:
> 1.  The Fishads and Fishads-Text are identical lists except one is 
> sent using HTML and the other is sent in plain text.  There is really 
> no reason for a user to be subscribed to both lists.  Is it possible 
> for me to set up Mailman so an e-mail address can only be on one of 
> these lists and not both?

I don't think you will need <list_name> and <list_name>-text with 
Mailman as it has the ability to convert HTML to plain text its self. 
People just need to choose their preference.

> 2.  Sometimes I want to send a post to all of the e-mail addresses in 
> our lists, but I don't want users to get duplicate messages if they 
> are on multiple lists.  Is there a way to send a post to all of the 
> unique e-mail addresses between all of the lists?

This is really an umbrella / regular list question, which is changing in 
Mailman 3, and might be better addressed there.  If you don't want to 
wait, look through the archives to see more information about "umbrella 

> I was sure I had 3 questions, but I can't remember the last one.  I 
> guess that will be for another e-mail.

Have a caffeinated beverage on me.  ;)

> Thanks for any help you can offer me.


Grant. . . .

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