[Mailman-Users] Uncaught Bounce Notification

Jeff Grossman jeffg at turners.com
Sun Feb 15 01:59:27 CET 2009

Grant Taylor wrote:
> On 02/13/2009 07:29 PM, Jeff Grossman wrote:
>> I received a uncaught bounce notification from one of my lists today.
>>  The bounce looks pretty normal, and figured it should have been
>> caught by the bounce system.  How do I report bounce formats that did
>> not get caught by the bounce system?
> Though it would be nice for Mailman to recognize this bounce format and
> automatically process it, I am questioning if this particular bounce
> should be acted upon or not.
> Seeing as how this bounce was generated because the recipient was over
> quota "User's Disk Quota Exceeded", I wonder what the appropriate thing
> to do is.  This is (IMHO) *very* likely to be a transient / temporary
> error.  As such I'm not sure that I would want to act on this particular
> error.  However if a bunch of these errors happened, then I might want
> to take action.
> So I'm not sure if this is where the number of bounces (before something
> is done) comes in to play, or what.  Just something to think about.

Don't temporary failures get a score of 0.5 while a permanent failure gets
a score of 1.0?  So, if that is the case, these temporary failures would
take longer to suspend the account.  I think these should be counted.


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