[Mailman-Users] users in multiple lists

David LEROUX elhijo.mgl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:15:19 CET 2009

Thank you
It works just well :)
Maybe a bit tricky to use with a lot of lists...

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> David LEROUX wrote:
>> I'm a new mailman administrator, first time using it and wondering a few 
>> things.
>> First one is that we manage a bunch of lists, in which same users may be 
>> in different one
>> The result is if we send mails to, for example, three different lists 
>> with a common user in those lists, this user receive 3 mails, normal...
>> But I wonder if there's a way to make that this user receive the mail 
>> only once.
> If your Mailman is 2.1.10 or later, you can use the Non-digest options
> -> regular_exclude_lists option to at least partially accomplish this.
> With two lists, say lista and listb this is straightforward. You put
> listb at example.com in lista's regular_exclude_lists. Then any post
> which is addressed to both lista and listb will be delivered from
> listb to all its members and from lista to only those lista members
> who aren't listb members.
> You could also do it the other way around, but do not put both
> listb at example.com in lista's regular_exclude_lists and
> lista at example.com in listb's regular_exclude_lists. If you do, members
> of both lists will not receive any posts addressed to both lists.
> Thus, it gets tricky with three or more lists. Say you have lista,
> listb and listc. If you put listb at example.com and listc at example.com in
> lista's regular_exclude_lists, and listc at example.com in listb's
> regular_exclude_lists, then a post addressed to all three lists will
> be sent from listc to all its members, from listb to those members who
> aren't members of listc, and from lista to those members who aren't
> members of listb or listc, and this works so everyone receives just
> one copy. Likewise, if a post is addressed to just lista and listb, it
> will be sent from listb to all its members and from lista to its
> members who aren't members of listb, and again, every member of lista
> and listb receives just one copy.
> I think this generalizes to any number of lists, but you need to be
> carful how you set it up because if you have even one pair of lists
> that are mutually in each other's regular_exclude_lists, then members
> of both those lists will not receive a post addressed to both lists
> from either list.
> Also, this affects only regular delivery, not digest delivery. Digests
> always contain all list posts.

David Leroux

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