[Mailman-Users] RECALL is creating infinite loop?

Kirke Johnson kjohnson at pcc.edu
Tue Feb 24 17:54:44 CET 2009

Mark, I believe the RECALL command is an Outlook/Exchange horror that 
does not play well with many "normal" email systems.


At 07:40 AM 2/24/2009, you wrote:

>Each one of these is a new message sent to the LISTNAM-bounces address
>and forwarded to the list owner as an unrecognized bounce. I'm only
>guessing, and this doesn't make much sense, but RECALL is an nntp
>command so somehow some news server is repeatedly sending this command
>to the list until it gets a response. Maybe it will eventually give up?
>If this is really a loop involving Mailman, you could turn off
>bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner, and that should stop it, but I
>doubt this is the issue.
>Check your MTA log and see where these messages are coming from.
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