[Mailman-Users] Setting a bind address for SMTP delivery

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Feb 26 06:07:46 CET 2009

on 2/25/09 10:28 PM, Karl O. Pinc said:

> This causes a problem with mailman, because
> mailman is sending mail from the local box
> any addresses that come in without @domain
> on the end (for whatever reason) gets rewritten
> when mailman re-sends the mail to the list.

This is a problem to fix in your MTA, before the message ever gets to 
Mailman.  Your MTA should be ensuring that all addresses are properly 
fully qualified, either when it reads the message from the sender, or 
after the sender has sent the message and it does internal processing.

This really isn't a problem that can be solved from within Mailman.

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