[Mailman-Users] Pain, seeking Mailman/Postfix wisdom

John Jackson johnj at external.umass.edu
Thu Feb 26 19:11:42 CET 2009

Hi All:


  Solaris 10
  Postfix 2.4.6
  Mailman 2.1.12rc2
  Python 2.4.4

I have: (2) domain names for the same host, of the form:

   namexxx.department.domain.tld (has an A and MX record)
   nameyyy.department.domain.tld (has a CNAME and MX record)

What I originally hoped for was to host some Mailman lists on my server 
and still have a handful of user accounts on the server be able to receive 
email directly.  Both the lists and the local users would have the same 
email address after the @, like so:

      listone at namexxx.department.domain.tld
      listtwo at namexxx.department.domain.tld

      userone at namexxx.department.domain.tld
      usertwo at namexxx.department.domain.tld

After studying things for a while it seemed clear that maybe Mailman is 
not supposed to do that, and that I'd need to add a level to the domain 
name for Mailman to take over for it's lists, like this?

      listone at lists.namexxx.department.domain.tld
      userone at namexxx.department.domain.tld
      usertwo at namexxx.department.domain.tld


..adding that additional level ('lists') puts me at five levels.  I'm 
trying to keep things as simple looking as can for my users.  So, I 
thought what I could do instead is create a second host name for Mailman 
to use, like this:

      listone at nameyyy.department.domain.tld
      listtwo at nameyyy.department.domain.tld

      userone at namexxx.department.domain.tld
      usertwo at namexxx.department.domain.tld

My 'pain' is coming from frustration and confusion trying to learn Postfix 
and Mailman well enough to figure out whether I can do any of this or not.

I've been mucking around in the configs of both and trying to follow 
examples and suggestions in the documentation and from information found 
by sifting through them Internets with Google ;)

Do any of you have a take on it you would be kind enough to share with me? 
Thanks very much, for any/all help or advice, comments, etc.


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