[Mailman-Users] one list not sending to members

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 27 16:21:55 CET 2009

Anne M. Hammond wrote:

>I recently created a list with 20 members, but the list is not
>sending out to the members.
>Other lists on this server are working fine.  This is mailman 2.1.9.
>I stopped OutgoingRunner with SIGTERM, sent a post and posted a message
>to the list, and dumped the database;
>[root at ice httpd]# /usr/lib/mailman/bin/dumpdb 
>[----- start pickle file -----]
><----- start object 1 ----->
>{   '01a907bef54583bc21f0e71251a6c9d4487b9b84': ('H', 1),
>     '46199d354ea07e1ae152d9351a2b2d0426011528': ('H', 3),
>     'e57f046e3de424b7f2baf780da63e1f1a1d08880': ('H', 2),
>     'evictions': {   '01a907bef54583bc21f0e71251a6c9d4487b9b84': 
>                      '46199d354ea07e1ae152d9351a2b2d0426011528': 
>                      'e57f046e3de424b7f2baf780da63e1f1a1d08880': 
>     'version': 2}
>[----- end pickle file -----]
>So I don't see anything here that is pending.

The pending.pck database has nothing to do with a post that might be
delivered except that OutgoingRunner is not running. Such a post would
be an entry in qfiles/out/. pending.pck is information about various
requests like subscriptions, held messages, etc. that are waiting
confirmation. The three entries above are three held messages. You can
find these messages in data/heldmsg-extremeintegration-nnn.pck files
and in the admindb interface for the extremeintegration list.

Do the posts get archived?

What's in Mailman's vette log?

What's in the list's admindb interface?

The FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/A4E9> may help.

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