[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail Going to Wrong List ( was: ListDistribution Sequence Confusion)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 3 02:26:42 CET 2009

Dennis Putnam wrote:
>I have more information on this that explains why I was confused about
>the sequence of events for processing mail to a list.  It is not going
>to listname-bounces but rather going to mailman-bounces. The message is
>addressed to listname at mydomain.com but winds up going to
>mailman at mydomain.com instead. Why is the wrong list processing the
>incoming mail? How do I debug this? TIA.

How does incoming mail get to Mailman? Are you using something like
DynDNS to route incoming mail to an MTA on your box? If so, look in
the MTA's logs to see what it says about the misdirected message.

If not, what MTA(s), Aliases, fetchmail, procmail recipes, etc. are

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