[Mailman-Users] ANNOUNCE: GNU Mailman 3.0a2 (Grand Designs)

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Sat Jan 3 20:15:42 CET 2009

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Hello Mailpersons,

I'm happy to announce the availability of GNU Mailman version 3.0  
alpha 2, code name "Grand Designs".

Of course, this is still an alpha snapshot and not suitable for  
production systems, however there is a lot of good functional stuff in  
this release that is worthy of a look.  Because this is still alpha  
software, you can have a big influence on where the code goes from  
here.  I'm especially interested in feedback from integrators, and I  
welcome your contribution.

Mailman 3.0 alpha 2 should be functional enough to create mailing  
lists, connect them to your MTA, add and remove members, and send  
email to those lists.  Incoming mail integration is currently only  
supported for Postfix via LMTP; contributions for other MTAs and  
incoming mechanisms are welcome.  The web interface is still not  
functional, so for now you have to interact with Mailman via the  
command line.

Please feel free to discuss Mailman 3 development on the mailman- 
developers mailing list.  You can submit branches and bugs to the  
Launchpad bug tracker at https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman

For detailed information on 3.0a2, please read docs/ALPHA.txt.  This  
file explains how to build Mailman and run the test suite.  The docs/ 
NEWS.txt file contains high level descriptions of what's changed since  
3.0a1.  Most notably are the new configuration system, the better test  
suite and installation process, and the new LMTP support.  Mailman 3  
also contains extensive doctests which explain how certain subsystems  

Please note that Python 2.6 is required.

You can download the tarball either from the Cheeseshop or from  
Launchpad.  An egg is available on the Cheeseshop.  See:


for details.

I hope you find this second snapshot useful and encouraging.  Please  


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