[Mailman-Users] Warnings from senddigests

Jesper Dybdal jd-mailman-users at dybdal.dk
Sun Jan 4 00:35:25 CET 2009

On Sat, 3 Jan 2009 10:19:17 -0800, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

>I'm not sure about the digests problem. You could try 'bin/withlist -i'
>and then at the >>> prompt type 
>unicode('abcde', 'iso-8859-15')
>if this prints
>Mailman is able to access the iso-8859-15 codecs and there should be no
>problem with iso-8859-15. 

It does print "u'abcde'".  Good!

>I thought the deprecation
>warnings were from Python 2.6. Actually they probably come from the
>Python 2.4.5 email package which would indicate that for some reason,
>either the email 2.5.8 package that comes with Mailman 2.1.11 did not
>get installed in Mailman's pythonlib directory or for some reason, the
>paths.py module in Mailman's bin, cron and scripts directories is not
>inserting the correct path to pythonlib in sys.path.
>Is there a pythonlib directory in Mailman's "prefix" directory and does
>it contain an 'email' subdirectory?

I think you've diagnosed the problem.  There is a pythonlib directory,
but it is empty.

I built Mailman as user "root" (knowing perfectly well that this is not
the thing to do unless you choose to trust your software providers), but
I ran "make install" as user "mailman" in order to ensure that the
resulting files would have the correct owner.

I'll have a further look at the install procedure, but if you have any
idea how it could have failed, I'd really like to hear about it.
Jesper Dybdal, Denmark.
http://www.dybdal.dk (in Danish).

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