[Mailman-Users] {Disarmed} Re: Automatic bounceprocessing; listname-bouncesvs. listname-bounces+XXXX

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 4 03:37:21 CET 2009

John Wesley Simpson Hibbs wrote:
>That was the culprit... I see my +VERP's now, although they look
>somewhat different from what I remember.
>Now I see my address in the VERP, where before I saw long numeric
>At any rate, this looks like it's fixed now.
>I'll post back when I know for sure.

What you were seeing before was a VERP probe. I recommend you disable
those by setting


in mm_cfg.py. This feature was introduced in 2.1.5 and has defaulted to
No since 2.1.6. With VERP_PROBES = Yes, when a user's bounce score
reaches the threshold, the score is reset and the user is sent a probe
message from LIST-bounces+string_of_hex_digits at ..., and the user's
delivery is only disabled by bounce if the probe bounces. If for some
reason, the probe bounces don't return, the user is never disabled.

This usually has an adverse effect only if normal deliveries aren't
VERPd and mail to the VERP like address is not properly delivered, but
this is exactly why the default was changed in 2.1.6.

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