[Mailman-Users] Email subscription not working

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 8 21:07:21 CET 2009

Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:

>Hey all, I'm hitting a little snag.  Email subscribe isn't doing anything.
>Postfix delivers the email to mailman, but then as far as I can tell, 
>nothing more happens with it.
>Where would be the best place to debug this from a mailman perspective?
>Jan  7 21:05:34 lister postfix/qmgr[97071]: DDFD010E528: 
>from=<ionlyhavethisfortesting at gmail.com>, size=2716, nrcpt=1 (queue 
>Jan  7 21:05:35 lister postfix/local[38795]: DDFD010E528: 
>to=<testing-join at lister.isc.org>, relay=local, delay=0.18, 
>delays=0.01/0/0/0.17, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: 
>/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman join testing)
>Jan  7 21:05:35 lister postfix/qmgr[97071]: DDFD010E528: removed
>And that's where it stops.  The address doesn't show in any logs or 
>anything from that point forward.

The above says Postfix successfully piped the mail to the wrapper which
presumably invoked the 'join' script to queue the mail in the
'commands' queue.

>From there it is processed by CommandRunner.

Step 1) is CommandRunner running or is the message still sitting in
qfiles/commands ?

>Anything obvious I should be checking?  Perhaps the possibility that the 
>"to" address is getting altered in transit?  Does mailman log discarded 
>subscription messages?  Is there a debug option?

The message got delivered to the correct address according to Postfix.

Messages with precedence 'bulk', 'junk' or 'list' are discarded, but
the discard is logged in Mailman's vette log with a message like

 Precedence: xxx message discarded by: testing-request at example.com

If you have an autoresponder set for requests to this list, the message
will be autoresponded to per the autoresponder settings and logged in
the vette log as "replied and discard".

Also look for messages in Mailman's error (and other) logs with
timestamp within a few seconds of Jan  7 21:05:35.

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