[Mailman-Users] Customising Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 13 17:32:49 CET 2009

Chris P F. Sheppard wrote:
>Having read all I can about customising web pages for Mailman, I seem to
>have hit a brick wall when altering the login page to the mailing list
>archive. The webpage in question is simply htdig.html and on our Freebsd
>7.0 system can be found at the following locations:
>First of all I added the new page to
>as I believe you can add list specific pages here. I then restarted
>qrunner as suggested in the mail FAQ for changing HTML pages
>No changes were visible so I then tried changing the htdig.html in the 3
>locations mentioned at the begining, restarting qrunner each time as I
>went but all to no avail.

Don't do this. Putting an edited template in
/usr/local/mailman/lists/listname/en/ should be enough.

The problem is the htdig patch which is apparently installed in your
system adds an 'htdig' cgi script to process the searches. It has it's
own login template, which you edited, but unless you go to
http://www.example.com/mailman/htdig/listname to log in, you are still
logging in through the 'private' cgi which uses the private.html
template for the login page. So you also need to make an edited
versiom of the private.html template.

You will also note that htdig.html resembles admlogin.html more than
private.html. There are historical reasons for this, but after making
an edited private.html, you may wish to copy that to htdig.html.

If the htdig patch is ever incorporated in GNU Mailman, it won't use a
separate template.

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