[Mailman-Users] Mailman installation on Solaris 10

Hank van Cleef vancleef at lostwells.net
Wed Jan 14 00:35:01 CET 2009

I'm beginning to replace the Mailman 2.1.9 installation on Solaris 9
Sparc, which has served us very well for the last two years.   The new
target machines are Sun Ultra 60's, one running Solaris 10-u4 (8/07)
and the other, Solaris 10-u6 (10/08).  All that is on either machine
is a fresh install of Solaris (full install).

While I've been through the drill of building and installing both
Python and Mailman on Solaris before, I have a few obsrvations and

I went through the Mailman web page to find a download site.  Going to
Sourceforge offers only 2.12.rc1 unless you click "stable" on the
first screen.  I was unable to download either 2.1.11 or 2.1.12 from
Sourceforge.  That site links to Superb Hosting, which appears to be
unresponsive.  I had to get the software from the alternative GNU

Both of the Solaris installs include Python 2.4.4.  Whether the
Solaris build is something resembling a full build or not, I don't
know, but will soon find out unless someone has checked this out
before me.  In the past, getting anything resembling a full build of
Python on Solaris has been a labor of love (porting the build
scripts), and I'd prefer not to have to build and install another
version of Python.  

I see Mark Sapiro's mail about incompatibility between 2.1.12rc1 and
Python 2.4.  

My production installations have to have an archive search (not part
of Mailman).  In the past, we've used htDig 3.1.6, which is decidedly
long in tooth, particularly as it requires gcc/g++ 2.95.3 to build
(will not build with gcc 3 or above).  For one installation, I'll
filch the already-built binaries.  

However, I'll reopen the question of a better (and currently-maintained) 
search engine.  I'm aware of a mail list discussing using Mhonarc and
Mnogosearch, but nothing since the last posts to that site (early
2006).   Is there something newer and better, or is doing the porting
work needed to use Mnogosearch the best alternative available?  One
issue with the current 2.1.9 installation is performance while
searching archives with htDig.  We currently have 5gb of archives, and
archive searches are very popular with our listers. 

I have picked up the patches for htDig->Mailman integration for 2.1.11
and assume I'm on my own for 2.1.12, for the present.  

Unless somebody tells me otherwise, I'll assume that I'm the first
installing 2.1.12 on Solaris 10.  That will go on the later (current
rev) machine.  Worth noting that on Solaris 10 10/08, it appears that
sun has included the Studio 12 development system, with the c compiler
in /usr/bin/cc.  While our old nemesis, the BSD stub /usr/bin/cc is
still there, a PATH that has /usr/bin before /usr/ucb should find a
working cc. 

The config.pck files currently on the production system are for 2.1.9.
If I build 2.1.11 and 2.1.12 as fresh builds and installs (no upgrade)
and later copy my 2.1.9 config.pck files into them, will Mailman
detect and correct the configuration?  

Any notes, comments, advice greatly appreciated.


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