[Mailman-Users] Web interface automation

Krešimir Tonković z-el.tonkovic at chipoteka.hr
Thu Jan 15 08:52:24 CET 2009

Up to recently we run our own mailman list on an ADSL connected host,
and mail delivery was routed through a smarthost - our ISP's mail
server. Then our ISP imposed limits on the amount of mail we can send,
and now it doesn't work very well any more.

The obvious solution is to move the mailing list to a hosted solution,
and our ISP offers that - it is even mailman again :-)

We use the list for sending our commercial newsletter to subscribed
clients. The list of subscribers is not maintained by mailman, but
through personal contacts and is stored in our ERP database. So before
sending the newsletter, we would generate a list of subscribers in a
text file and synchronize this list with mailman using the
sync_members.py script (included in mailman).

Now, our ISP doesn't offer a shell account and we can't use
sync_members.py on the hosted list to synchronize subscriber lists any

Our idea is to write a script that would use the standard web
interface to manage the subscribers list. Adding members with the
mass-subscribe form is straightforward, but removing members by
unchecking boxes in the list is a bit more complicated.

Before we start working on this, have you heard of similar tools
already written? Or maybe you know of better ways to do this?

Kresimir Tonkovic

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