[Mailman-Users] Issue with text to Mailman list serve

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jan 15 17:10:45 CET 2009

Darren G Pifer wrote:

> One of our list serve administrators is experiencing an issue with one of
> her listserves. Here is her description of the issue.  She is sending
> text to her listserve which is a moderated list.  She approves the
> message but as a member of the list, the email is received with 3
> attachments:  ATT00001.c,  ATT00002.htm, and ATT00003.c.  The
> administrator has 2 other lists and when she sends text, she receives
> them as text.  She would like email sent as text to be received as text.

The only time I've heard of anything like this is when there are different 
character sets being used in some of the headers or footers (sometimes space 
characters), thus causing the different parts of the message to be put in 
different MIME body parts (as described in FAQ 4.39 at 

You could try deleting all list-specific headers and footers and re-creating 
them, this time making sure that you don't put in any non-ASCII characters. 
  Or maybe you've got ASCII characters in there, but there are non-ASCII 
characters in the submitted message, such as accented characters in 
someone's name or signature?

Other than that, I have no idea how this kind of thing would happen.

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