[Mailman-Users] Issue with text to Mailman list serve

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 15 17:34:42 CET 2009

Brad Knowles wrote:

>Darren G Pifer wrote:
>> One of our list serve administrators is experiencing an issue with one of
>> her listserves.

If it's a Listserv(r) list, why are you posting here :)

(Listserv(r) is a registered trademark[1] owned by the developer of a
particular email list management product, and it shouldn't be used

>> Here is her description of the issue.  She is sending
>> text to her listserve which is a moderated list.  She approves the
>> message but as a member of the list, the email is received with 3
>> attachments:  ATT00001.c,  ATT00002.htm, and ATT00003.c.  The
>> administrator has 2 other lists and when she sends text, she receives
>> them as text.  She would like email sent as text to be received as text.
>The only time I've heard of anything like this is when there are different 
>character sets being used in some of the headers or footers (sometimes space 
>characters), thus causing the different parts of the message to be put in 
>different MIME body parts (as described in FAQ 4.39 at 
>You could try deleting all list-specific headers and footers and re-creating 
>them, this time making sure that you don't put in any non-ASCII characters. 
>  Or maybe you've got ASCII characters in there, but there are non-ASCII 
>characters in the submitted message, such as accented characters in 
>someone's name or signature?
>Other than that, I have no idea how this kind of thing would happen.

The .htm extension on the middle "attachment" which I assume is the
message body indicates she is not sending a text/plain message but
rather a text/html message, and content filtering is not removing the
html part or converting it to plain text. The other "attachments" are
probably the msg_header and msg_footer as Brad suggests. The FAQ Brad
references is the relevant one. The difference between lists may be
that this is the only one that adds msg_header and msg_footer.

I may not have this exactly right, but the only way to know for sure is
to see a raw message from the list or at least the content of the
three "attachments"

[1] <http://www.lsoft.com/corporate/trademark.asp>

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