[Mailman-Users] bccs

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 15 21:29:25 CET 2009

Rick Pasotto wrote:

>I just sent a message to two different lists, setting To: to list1
>and Bcc: to list2.
>The second got moderated because of 'implicit address'. When I then
>approved it, the To: still showed list1 though the subject line got
>altered to include [list2].
>I thought Bcc addresses would *replace* the To addresses. Do I have to
>actually post two different messages with different To:s?
>How are Bcc:s supposed to work?

A Bcc: is usually a feature of an MUA to allow setting an envelope
recipient address that doesn't appear in a message header.

By the time the message gets to a Mailman list, Mailman has no idea how
or why it got there. Mailman only knows that the list address is or is
not in a To: or Cc: header of the message that arrived. If the list is
set to require_explicit_destination, all Mailman will do is check that
the list address or an acceptable_aliases address appears in To: or
Cc: and if not, hold the message. If the message is subsequently
approved, it is delivered, but nothing is rewritten in To: or Cc:

If your intent is to have messages sent to the list members of multiple
lists with only the address of their list in To: or Cc: in order to
reduce or eliminate cross posting of replies or hide the other list
addresses, you have two choices:

1) send separate messages individually to the lists.

2) enable Full Personalization for the lists and send one message To:
(not Cc:) all lists. Then delivered messages will be To: the recipient
and will have the address of the list they come from added to Cc: to
facilitate replies.

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