[Mailman-Users] Issue with text to Mailman list serve

Darren G Pifer dpifer at odu.edu
Fri Jan 16 19:35:35 CET 2009

Hi Mark,

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Darren G Pifer wrote:
>> I asked our Exchange administrator to get the message headers.  Here is 
>> that information:
> Thanks, but that by itself doesn't tell me much. It does tell me that
> Mailman recast the message as multipart mixed, but I already knew
> that. I need to see the MIME structure of the entire message including
> all the sub-part headers, but even in the absence of that, focus on
> the following:
I think I finally attached the raw message for you.  Hopefully you can glean
the information you need from it.
> Is the non-working list the only one with a msg_header as well as a
> msg_footer? If that is the case, try removing the msg_header
> completely and see if that helps.
Did that.  This apparently resolved the issue as the admin owner is happy. 
However, I am not totally convinced that it is a mail client issue.  I 
am seeing 4 parts
in my Thunderbird mail client:

plain text (header)
plain text (body)
html (body)
plain text (footer)

Why would mailman be sending plain text and html attachments? When the
header is removed, my Thunderbird mail client shows the email message
as plain text and one attachment, the footer.


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