[Mailman-Users] Preserving S/MIME-Encoded Mail

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Jan 16 23:27:25 CET 2009

On 01/16/09 16:27, Brad Knowles wrote:
> Validation could be useful, but the more important issue is to have 
> Mailman completely encapsulate signed/encrypted messages and then add 
> whatever additional MIME bodyparts may be necessary to complete the 
> other parts of the work it has been configured to do.
> This is true for DKIM, PGP/MIME, and S/MIME alike.  And any other form 
> of signed and/or encrypted message.
> Don't change anything at all in any of the signed/encrypted part, just 
> treat it as an opaque object and encapsulate the whole thing.

It sounded like that is what Mailman already did and that by doing so 
broke the signature.  I will have to go back and re-read if it is 
possible to graft the existing MIME tree in to another larger MIME tree 
with out invalidating it.

Grant. . . .

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