[Mailman-Users] OT How to manually get a list of passwords for all members to be sent to the administration

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 20 00:07:56 CET 2009

Grant Taylor wrote:

>Somewhat off topic so skip this email if you want to.

And this reply is equally OT

>Ok...  It is my (mis)understanding that this is one of the nice things 
>about Object Oriented programming languages like Python in such as it is 
>possible to have a new class inherit a parent's class and then extend 
>it.  I would think that this type of things would lend its self to this, 
>maybe not.  If it did, you would just start referencing the new extended 
>class object rather than the one built in to Python.  But seeing what I 
>think of OO, and to some extent Python, I may be speaking out my <BEEP>.

Each of the tools imports the Python email package and calls
email.Utils.getaddresses() to parse an input line into name and
address. This is a utility function, not a class method, but that's
really irrelevant to this issue.

The issue is in the design of Mailman each of these bulk add tools
parses the input and passes the result to the underlying list method
to add the member. Had it been designed to pass the raw input to a
single method, that method alone could be enhanced to parse out a
password, but that isn't how it's done.

Thus, each tool needs to be modified in some, albeit simple, way to do

Even if the argument parsing was a class method, and a subclass was
defined that extended the method, the individual tools would still
have to be changed to reference the subclass and make use of the
"password" result.

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