[Mailman-Users] Change of domain for existing mailman list

Grant Robinson [IAIDQ] grant.robinson at iaidq.org
Mon Jan 19 12:21:14 CET 2009

I previously used forum at domain.org as the email address for my mailman 
list, set up via Cpanel.

So the list is known as forum_domain.org

For various reasons I changed the email service of my domain.org to 
Gmail with the MX records, and now forum at domain.org does not work with 
mailman any more

Is it possible to rename the mailman folders and configuration to run in 
a subdomain with email address forum at forum.domain.org retaining the archive?

Surely someone has changed domain names before and ported their mailman 
installation. We just can;t find this on the online doco or discussion 
Grant Robinson

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