[Mailman-Users] non-subscriber managed to post to a subscriberonly list

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Mon Jan 26 22:56:47 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Steve Lindemann wrote:
>> Lindsay Haisley wrote:
>>> Is it possible that the list mod or admin password got out?  I believe
>>> than anyone can post to a moderated list by putting an "Approved:
>>> <password>" header or pseudo-header in a post.
>> I'm on one of the lists that accepted the message (which is how it came 
>> to my attention) and I just rechecked the message header and didn't see 
>> anything resembling that...  would mailman remove it from the header for 
>> final delivery to the list members?  Regardless, I'll see to getting 
>> passwords changed, thanks.
> Yes, any Approve: or Approved: header will be removed from the post
> whether or not the password is valid.

duh... I should have known, that only makes sense.  Sounds like the 
Approve: or Approved header is a likely candidate.  Getting those 
passwords fixed now.  Thanks.
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