[Mailman-Users] non-subscriber managed to post to a subscriber only list

Lindsay Haisley fmouse-mailman at fmp.com
Tue Jan 27 21:04:56 CET 2009

On Tue, 2009-01-27 at 09:25 -0600, Grant Taylor wrote:
> Though I think that the MTA sending out as 
> <user>@<host>.<domain>.<tld> is a mis-configuration on the MTA's part.

It should be noted as well that it's not the MTA's job to set the
envelope sender address, nor is there any configuration in a proper MTA
to default this address to anything in particular.  This is done by the
MUA (or equivalent) which engages the MTA for the purpose of sending an
email, and if an envelope sender address isn't provided, the MTA will
complain and refuse to continue with a session.

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