[Mailman-Users] bounced addresses stays there

Kirke Johnson kjohnson at pcc.edu
Tue Jan 27 19:44:41 CET 2009

At 08:54 AM 1/27/2009, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Kirke Johnson wrote:

(-- snip --)

>If bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings is 0, cron/disabled is not involved
>in removing the bouncing member. The member should be removed
>immediately. The fact that you received an unsubscribed notice and the
>subsequent message didn't yield a bounce would seem to say the bogus
>address was in fact removed.
>What "membership list" are you looking at? Could it be stale?

I have been refreshing the Membership List in the admin GUI for the list.

>Identical results? You mean the first message bounced and unsubscribed
>the member and the second message wasn't sent (or at least didn't

The first message bounced and unsubscribed the member, but they did 
not go away.
The second message did not bounce as there was already a bounce that day.

(-- snip --)

>Do you by chance have
>(or On or True or 1) in mm_cfg.py? If so, when threshold is reached,
>score is reset and a VERP like probe is sent. If that doesn't bounce
>or if the bounce is not correctly delivered, the member will never be

YES! This was the problem - thanks!!  After changing the 
configuration, the next test message removed the member very nicely.

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