[Mailman-Users] Additional scripts and web forms

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Wed Jan 28 15:42:58 CET 2009

David Lubkin <lubkin at lubkin.net> wrote:

>Are there Internet repositories of Mailman scripts and customization
>beyond what comes with the distribution?
>I keep having ideas for obvious capabilities that are missing, e.g.,
>- an inverse of add_members (instead of an input file of users
>to add to a single list, have an input file of lists to add a single
>user to)
>- a web form that allows a user to subscribe to many lists at once,
>using the same settings
>- integrating with an existing user authentication system
>- when showing the list of lists, have optional columns (how many
>members and messages each list has, language of the list, etc.)
>and make the list user-sortable on any of those columns
>None of these are hard to just write myself, but a good lazy
>programmer doesn't when he can just leverage what's already
>been done.

The only "repository" of which I am aware is the archives of this
list.  A script (or basic code for one) for " an inverse of add_members"
is in the archives, I believe.
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