[Mailman-Users] Email Forwarding Service

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Jan 28 21:43:08 CET 2009

On 01/28/09 10:31, Jeff Bernier wrote:
> Does anyone know what would be a good solution for an email 
> forwarding service? Either hosted or something we could deploy 
> in-house.

Depending on what ""features (or lack of faults) you are wanting there 
are quite a few things that /can/ be done.

However I don't think that Mailman (as good a product as it is) is even 
on the list of things that can be done.  Mailman is intended to re-send 
messages that were sent to one mailing list address out to to multiple 
mailing list subscribers,   Where as forwarding is usually a 1 to 1 type 
of thing, not the 1 to many that Mailman is meant for.

> Something that would simply forward messages sent to 
> mailboxuser at risd.edu on to an address of mailboxusers choice. 
> Something that would be self-service?

It sounds like you are already part way down the very slippery slop with 
roller skates on and the wind at your back.

> Any ideas are welcome.

I'm not sure that the Mailman Users mailing list is the best place to 
discuss this.  If you would like to do so off list, drop me an email 
directly and I'll give you my opinion on this topic.  Or if others say 
that it's "ok" to discuss this here, we can do so.

Grant. . . .

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