[Mailman-Users] Moving a List

Jeff Bernier jbernier at risd.edu
Fri Jan 30 17:52:26 CET 2009

Thanks for the reply Adam.
I have seen those FAQs, and they instruct on moving ALL lists. I have just one list to move. I am able to go into the mailman/lists and mailman/archives directories and pull out just the objects belonging to the list I want to move... but when I look in the mailman/data directory, I cannot identify any files or directories relating to my ONE list. I am concerned that if I copy the entire contents of mailman/data to the new server, I will break something.
Part of my problem is my lack of working knowledge with Mailman.
Any additional advice or instructions is greatly appreciated.

>>> On 1/30/2009 at 11:14 AM, Adam McGreggor <adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk> wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 10:59:06AM -0500, Jeff Bernier wrote:
> I am retiring an older system running Mailman, and I would like to
> move one of its lists to our shiny new server. I have seen
> instructions posted for moving all lists from one system to another,
> but I want to move just one list to the new server already running
> other lists.
> Can someone tell me how this is done? I have no real experience
> working with Mailman... so go easy on me.

There's a FAQ entry or two on this, but the short of it is to copy the
data from $OLD_SERVER to $NEW_SERVER, and then fix-up.

I've not noticed anything too odd between slight versions, although it's
something to look out for.

For copying, I tend to use rsync.

As for fix-up, fix_url and sorting out archives (if applicable) should
be done. Perhaps also redirects (http & email) on $OLD_SERVER to

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