[Mailman-Users] Error: Mach task special port 9

Steve Burling srb at umich.edu
Thu Jul 16 22:06:21 CEST 2009

--On July 16, 2009 11:44:57 AM -0700 Bryan Harrison 
<bryan at bryanharrison.com> wrote:

> Since implementing Mailman under OS X Server 10.5.7, I've been seeing…
> Jul 16 11:00:00 server-name com.apple.launchd[1] (0x1029d0.cron[1618]):
> Could not setup Mach task special port 9: (os/kern) no access
> in the syslog, every 5 minutes, forever.
> I've traced it down to Mailman's "gate_news" chron job.  I gather this
> relates to polling news servers (which I'm not doing), but beyond that
> I'm at sea.
> Anybody?

To which I reply:

This is because Apple has deprecated cron, and really wants you to use 
launchd instead.  You'll see one of those messages for *everything* that 
cron runs -- you're just seeing the common ones because they run so often.

I've written a bunch of launchd.plist files for all the various Mailman 
cron jobs; if you want them, let me know.

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