[Mailman-Users] Error: Mach task special port 9

Bryan Harrison bryan at bryanharrison.com
Thu Jul 16 22:53:55 CEST 2009


I was hoping to be polite and avoid the "why is Mailman inflicting  
this antiquated utility on me?" implication.  ;)

You have explained why I've no other such errors - there are no other  
crons on any of my servers.  All my customizations are done via launchd.

I'd be very grateful if you'd like to share your launchd.plist  
efforts.  Replacing Mailman's crons went on my list as soon as I  
understood what was happening.  It'd be a pleasure to eliminate the  
crons, since they strike me as inelegant by comparison.


> To which I reply:
> This is because Apple has deprecated cron, and really wants you to  
> use launchd instead.  You'll see one of those messages for  
> *everything* that cron runs -- you're just seeing the common ones  
> because they run so often.
> I've written a bunch of launchd.plist files for all the various  
> Mailman cron jobs; if you want them, let me know.
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