[Mailman-Users] digests/Python/2.1.12 upgrade

Christopher Adams adamsca at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 21:49:58 CEST 2009

I just upgraded to Mailman 2.1.12. I noticed that the digests are not
going out. When I run the /bin/senddigests script manually, it goes
through all list digest mailboxes and I get this message:

List: mylistnamer: problem processing
decoding Unicode is not supported

If I try to generate a specific list digest from the admin interface,
it results in the "You've Hit a Bug" message.

I have read some about possible reasons for this error and it seems to
point to Python.

I am running RedHat ES 3 and Python 2.5. There is a plan to move to a
new server with a newer OS, but for the short-term I am wondering if
this is a Python issue and if Python should be upgraded. The Mailman
wiki says:

 It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest patch release
of one of the following:

    * Python 2.4
    * Python 2.5

For now, we recommend using Python 2.5.2.

Can someone verify whether this is a Python issue and will an upgrade
to 2.5.2 make a difference. Of course, I'm not sure Python 2.5 is
really designed to run on RH ES 3, but it has been doing fine up til


Chriistopher Adams

Christopher Adams
adamsca at gmail.com

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