[Mailman-Users] permission denied error

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jul 24 16:02:31 CEST 2009

LuKreme wrote:

>On 23-Jul-2009, at 22:12, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> My 23-Jul-2009, at 16:58 (-0600) post (and this one too) was sent to
>> the list only. The post archived at the above link was addressed to
>> you and to the list. The copy to you was accepted by your MX
>> (mail.covisp.net). Perhaps you are filtering mail from me?
>Not specifically, but mail to my list address that is not to a list  
>goes into a quarantine that I look at only on rare occasions. I never  
>saw the copy sent to the list though. The one directly to me is in the  
>quarantine and I pulled it out after seeing your second reply.

If you are an explicit addressee of a list post, you won't get a copy
from the list unless you set your "Avoid duplicate copies of
messages?" list option to No which would seem to be a good idea in
this case.

>Hmm.. I think I might have found the problem, there was a crontab for  
>'nobody' that had the various mailman tasks in it. Mailman runs as the  
>user mailman, not nobody. See if that eliminates the issue.

I considered asking you about that, but you seemed to say that
commenting the gate_news entry in the mailman user's crontab stopped
the gate_news errors which would imply they were coming from the
mailman user's crontab.

Note also that crond is probably mailing error reports to 'mailman' or
maybe to 'nobody' if it is that crontab. It is good to arrange for
that mail to be deliverable. In some cases that mail is treated as a
post to the 'mailman' list and is then discarded as a non-member post
and never seen. For various reasons, it can be good to have the
mailman list accept non-member posts (and have only one or a few site
admins as members).

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