[Mailman-Users] Install question - was: Errors on mailman startup

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jun 1 16:48:44 CEST 2009

Malveeka Tewari wrote:
>I trying to run mailman on my own laptop.
>I have been able to install mailman and it's running (i can view the mailman
>start up pages)
>I have specified the DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_URL_HOST to be my laptop's
>ip addresses in mm_cfg.py
>But am not able to send/recieve mails
>I am also not able to create new lists.
>(When trying to create new lists, I get an error: *Unknown virtual host )
>Is there something wrong with my postfix installation or with the mm_cfg.py


Note that these should be defined as domain names, not IP addresses. IP
addresses may work in some contexts, but if you don't have a domain
name, you will have problems sending and receiving mail. Note these
are generic problems with mail, and not specific to Mailman.

In order to be able to send mail reliably, you need a non-generic
domain name with a fixed IP address and a rDNS pointing from that IP
to the domain name. Without these, you will find your mail blocked by
many services.

After defining DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST in mm_cfg.py,
you need


to remove the Defaults.py values from the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary, and


to add the new values.

Can you send mail from your laptop through the local Postfix? E.g.,
with Postfix's 'sendmail' command.

Can your laptop receive any mail at all, e.g. for a local user?

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