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Claire L Laing claire.laing at topalbertadoctors.org
Wed Jun 3 22:11:53 CEST 2009


Our program has been using your program for a couple of years now. Because we didn't have our own website, we were able to use our local university's
site to set up the groups. We recently got our own website through Host Papa, and decided to create our own mailing list instead. It began three weeks
ago, and although we didn't have problems before, we are having most of the email bounce back. Is there someone who can help us with this?

Claire Laing
Communication Designer
Toward Optimized Practice
CMA Alberta House
12230 106 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB   T5N 3Z1
780.732.3367  or  1.866.505.3302
claire.laing at TOPalbertadoctors.org

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