[Mailman-Users] email list

Jaclyn jaclyn at treeoflifestudio.org
Wed Jun 17 21:06:47 CEST 2009

I was with a small business that used mail-man to organize our email  
list.  We had a web guy (a friend who was paid in trade) who set this  
up and was in charge of our website.  He got swamped with paid work  
and basically left us at the altar (stranded!)  He no longer really  
offered help on how to get access to our website.  Thankfully we still  
have access to our mail man email list.  Recently this small business  
has changed hands and now it's just me in charge of the email list.   
We'd like to continue using mailman but I'm afraid that since we  
didn't set it up and aren't on any pay schedule with the site, that it  
will get taken out from under us.

The mailing list is called likewater-news mailing list, and was set up  
by Bruce Weber.  We are now called the Tree of Life instead of Like  
Water.  We'd really like to keep using it so any advice you have would  
be great!  Thanks a lot.
Jaclyn Morrow

The Tree of Life Cultural Arts Studio
734 433 0697
6065 Sibley Rd, Chelsea MI 48118

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