[Mailman-Users] Outlook Indenting messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jun 25 17:56:10 CEST 2009

Gerrat Rickert wrote:

>Recently, and in the past, when posting to a python mailing list (not
>this one specifically), my message has been indented and placed under
>the last message (of a completely unrelated post).
>-ie. it looks like I've hijacked a thread.

I assume you are talking about your message in the pipermail archive.
If so, can you point at one such in the archives of a list?

If you're talking about threading in your own MUA (mail client) that
doesn't appear that way in the archive, then I don't think we can help.

>I didn't however - I created a brand new email message (from scratch)
>and sent it to the list.
>Any ideas on how or why it would appear like I was responding to a
>completely unrelated post?  (there was actually nothing I could even
>find in common on my subject line and the subject of the post where my
>message appeared indented under.)

Threading in the pipermail archive has nothing to do with the Subject:
header. It is based on In-Reply-To: and/or References: headers.

>After reading the FAQ, and searching the archives, I couldn't find
>anything related to this, so I'll ask here.
>I would like to determine if this is a mailman-related issue in general,
>something specific with some mailman-run mailing lists that I post to,
>or a problem specifically related to our Outlook or Outlook Exchange
>(...I was hoping for a different answer than the obvious "don't use

I'm not aware of any such issue in Mailman.

>...maybe, If I'm lucky, this message will hijack a thread, and the
>answer will be obvious to "the-powers-that-be".

Sorry, not in the list archive anyway. If there is an example in a
public archive, please point to it.

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