[Mailman-Users] Outlook Indenting messages

Gerrat Rickert grickert at coldstorage.com
Thu Jun 25 21:17:20 CEST 2009

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>From: Mark Sapiro [mailto:mark at msapiro.net]
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>Subject: RE: [Mailman-Users] Outlook Indenting messages
>Gerrat Rickert wrote:
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>>>From: Mark Sapiro [mailto:mark at msapiro.net]
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>>>Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Outlook Indenting messages
>>>Gerrat Rickert wrote:
>>>>Recently, and in the past, when posting to a python mailing list
>>>>this one specifically), my message has been indented and placed
>>>>the last message (of a completely unrelated post).
>>>>-ie. it looks like I've hijacked a thread.
>>>I assume you are talking about your message in the pipermail archive.
>>>If so, can you point at one such in the archives of a list?
>>Yes, this message:
>I see the incorrect threading of the above message in the index
><http://twistedmatrix.com/pipermail/twisted-python/2009-June>. I also
>see other threading anomalies in the same index.
>I downloaded the twisted-python.mbox/twisted-python.mbox file from
>twistedmatrix.com and built the May and June archive from it in a test
>2.1.9 Mailman. For example at the end of
><http://twistedmatrix.com/pipermail/twisted-python/2009-June> I see


>You can see in the twistedmatrix.com index two cases where the second
>post in a thread is indented to level 3 instead of level 1 which is
>clearly wrong. You can also see that in the archive I built, your
>thread starts at level 0 as it should.
>Also note that this apparently has nothing to do with Outlook.. There
>is a similarly indented post in early June -
>[Twisted-Python] Application Design help - Concurrent but not Protocols
>based.   Senthil Kumaran
>and the posting MUA in that case was Mutt.
>Also see
>where the only two posts (spam) are both indented to level 1.
>Does this occur only on twistedmatrix.com lists? There is clearly
>something wrong with the archiving process on that site, but I can't
>duplicate it in a stock 2.1.9 environment.

Thanks for your detailed investigation, Mark.  
I may have misremembered how a previous posting of mine was mis-indented
(...postings were from a few years back, and it may have just been that
my replies were shown at the top level instead of indented - I believe
this may have been an old bug with Outlook specifically).

I don't have any other examples from other mailing lists, so let's
assume it's just the twistedmatrix.com list for now.
I'll forward this thread to their mailing list administrator to

Thanks again for your help.

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