[Mailman-Users] Outlook Indenting messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jun 26 17:18:48 CEST 2009

Grant Taylor wrote:

>Gerrat Rickert wrote:
>> I may have misremembered how a previous posting of mine was 
>> mis-indented (...postings were from a few years back, and it may have 
>> just been that my replies were shown at the top level instead of 
>> indented - I believe this may have been an old bug with Outlook 
>> specifically).
>I don't know if it is related or not, but I have noticed a similar 
>problem with my Mail <-> News gateway (included with Mailman). 
>Specifically messages that I reply to the mailing list seem to loose the 
>message ID of the immediate parent message and what should look like this:
>  - first message
>     + second message
>        + third message
>  - first message
>     + second message
>     + third message
>I have attributed this to the fact that Mailman either munges or out and 
>out replaces the Message-ID.

I think this is unrelated to any of Gerrat's issues. Mailman does
replace the Message-ID header in messages gated from a list to usenet.
The reason for this is if a message is cross-posted to two Mailman
lists, both of which gateway to usenet groups, the messages will be
separately gated to the nntp server, and if they have the same
Message-ID, the nntp server will ignore the second one it receives.

This can lead to the issue above because messages posted to a list will
have one Message-ID in the list archive and a different Message-ID on
usenet. Suppose 'second message' above is a reply to 'first message'
from the list. Its In-Reply-To: and References: headers reference the
list Message-ID of 'first message and it is properly threaded in the
list archive. Then 'third message' is a usenet reply to 'second
message'. Since it is a usenet reply, its In-Reply-To: references the
usenet Message-ID of 'second message' which is unknown to the list
archive. Its References: header will reference the usnet Message-ID of
'second message' and the list Message-ID of 'first message' from the
References: header of 'second message'. Thus, when it gets archived,
it is threaded as a reply to 'first message' since that is the only
referenced Message-ID known to the archiver.

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