[Mailman-Users] Displaying Entire Membership List

Ed Corcoran ed at corcorans.org
Sun Mar 1 00:10:05 CET 2009

I have 1869 members on my mailing list. My Membership List only displays 152 of them -- 150 in 
blocks of 50 (as per my Chunk Size) and a 4th page with only 2.

I have added and subtracted members with no problem, and when I send a message it apparently goes to 
everyone, but I can only see the 152 in the listing.

A number of those I added since then I marked NO to both

 >Send welcome messages to new subscribees?
 >Send notifications of new subscriptions to the list owner?

Does that mean the list didn't even add to itself??

What do I have to do to get all the members to show up on the Membership List??

Ed Corcoran

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