[Mailman-Users] Displaying Entire Membership List

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Mar 1 16:22:28 CET 2009

Ed Corcoran wrote:

>I have 1869 members on my mailing list.

How do you know ?

>My Membership List only displays 152 of them -- 150 in 
>blocks of 50 (as per my Chunk Size) and a 4th page with only 2.

What Mailman version is this and where are you seeing these members?

This is not the way the Membership Management... -> Membership List
page in recent Mailman works. If there are more than
admin_member_chunksize members, the list is broken into pages by the
first character of the email address. Prior to 2.1.12 there was a bug
that wouldn't show the pages for addresses beginning with a
non-alphanumeric, but that's unlikely to affect more than a few of
your members.

>I have added and subtracted members with no problem, and when I send a message it apparently goes to 
>everyone, but I can only see the 152 in the listing.
>A number of those I added since then I marked NO to both
> >Send welcome messages to new subscribees?
> >Send notifications of new subscriptions to the list owner?
>Does that mean the list didn't even add to itself??


>What do I have to do to get all the members to show up on the Membership List??

They should be there. If members are hidden, they may not show up on
the "roster" page depending on Mailman version and how you
authenticated, but all members should be on the Membership
Management... -> Membership List pages in any case.

What does the heading of this table look like? It should be something
similar to

                415 members total, 16 shown
[A]  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  R  S  T  V  W  Z

You aren't by chance seeing only the 152 "A"s (or whatever's first) and
never looking at the other letters/digits?

If there are more than admin_member_chunksize memners in one "letter",
there will be links at the bottom of the table to see the other
members within that "letter" but you still have to click the other
letters to see the other members.

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