[Mailman-Users] password sends

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 2 18:34:10 CET 2009

Michael Welch wrote:
>Mark Sapiro wrote at 05:49 PM 2/28/2009:
>>The issue is your list's membership is not public, so we can't reveal
>>that the person requesting the reminder is not a member or this could
>>be used to fish for list membership. Granted the message should be
>>better (i.e. more ambiguous about whether the reminder is actually
>>sent), but the bottom line is if the address is a non-member, no
>>reminder is sent.
>Thanks, Mark. I hope the message can change in some future version.

It will change in 2.2

>I went to the Admin pages and reviewed carefully all the settings (again), and discovered that umbrella_list was set to Yes. I set it to No, and the reminders began working. I suppose that setting could have been at Yes all along, but I didn't think so.

It probably was on all along or at least since you noticesd you weren't
getting reminders. I forgot about that as a potential issue with
reminders. It causes the reminder for user at example.com to be sent to
user-xxx at example.com (where -xxx is -owner or whatever
umbrella_member_suffix is set to). How that gets delivered or whether
it gets delivered at all depends on the specific MTA/MDA configuration
for user at example.com.
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