[Mailman-Users] Uncaught runner exception: unknownencoding:us-ascii

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 2 20:55:57 CET 2009

rpyne at kinfolk.org wrote:
>On 2 Mar 2009 at 10:24, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Are you also getting many errors like the following?
>> >Mar 02 10:39:54 2009 (30278) Failed to unlink/preserve backup file:
>> >/var/mailman/qfiles/in/1236014500.0552149+5aed32c1bfbe6e4ac85c02c3518
>> >5 46e179e37b02.bak
>Mar 02 11:23:49 2009 (13849) Skipping and preserving unparseable 
>message: 1236014500.0552149+80fb5a8a97a8d0c248a1d845d2d05094c2a5fa49
>Mar 02 11:23:49 2009 (13849) Failed to unlink/preserve backup file: 

Unfortunately, I neglected to put the actual error in the above log
message - one more thing for 2.2 :)

This seems to say there is an error in trying to move the .bak backup
queue entry for the unparseable message to a .psv entry in the
qfiles/bad queue. I don't know why.

>Since the only thing on the server that is (intentionally) using 
>Python, I deleted the /lib/python2.5 and /usr/lib/python2.5 
>directories and have reinstalled Python, reinstalled Mailman and 
>rebooted the server.
>It appears to have cleared things up as I ran unshunt and now all of 
>the qfiles except bad are empty and several previously shunted emails 
>are delivering.

Well, perhaps we'll never understand fully what the issues were, but
I'm glad it's OK now.

Those .psv files in qfiles/bad are the unparseable messages. Almost
certainly, they are spam in a malformed MIME message. if you're
curious, you can examine them with 'bin/dumpdb -p'.

With default settings, they will be discarded by cron/cull_bad_shunt
after 7 days.

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