[Mailman-Users] New crontab query: senddigests

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Tue Mar 3 23:53:00 CET 2009

>Mark Sapiro wrote:

>The digest messages are accumulated for a list in a mbox format file
>lists/LISTNAME/digest.mbox. When a new message arrives and is added to
>digest.mbox and the size of digest.mbox is now greater than the list's
>digest_size_threshold, a digest is sent at that time for that list,
>and the digest.mbox is removed.

>So, digests based on digest_size_threshold will work whether or not
cron/senddigests is run.

Right. I'm with you so far.

>Running cron/senddigests will send a digest for any list which has a
>digest.mbox file and for which digest_send_periodic=yes regardless of
>how big the digest is.

This is where we part ways.

Without the senddigests cron job, isn't the above statement also true
anyway? Because the digest_sent_periodic=yes setting also doesn't care
if the digest.mbox is over 30K. It just sends out a message "daily"
time, I do not know) whenever a digest.mbox exists.

So my question was: Is the only reason you run the cron job in the first
Is to force that "daily" run to a specific time (eg noon)? I say this
because I
have never ran that cron job, but I'm pretty sure everyone gets their

> So, if you ran it and nothing happened, there were no such lists. This
>unlikely. Are you sure no digests were sent?

I guess it's possible no digest.mboxes exist. There aren't that many
users here.

>And yes, running it at noon daily forces the periodic digests at noon,
>but you can chose another time. I prefer mine to go over night so I
>run cron/senddigests daily at 03:30.

I will probably set it up to run at 3:00 am as well. I just ran it at
today so I could watch it (do nothing (!)).

I suppose I should change the setting that sends a digest if it exceeds
too (change it to 1000K or something, so that people never get more than
digest-per-day), and just use the cron job to send once a day,
regardless of size,
at 3:00. I just am not clear on why I need a cronjob to do that, unless
only purpose is to force a specific time.

 - jim -

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