[Mailman-Users] New crontab query: senddigests

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Wed Mar 4 00:03:32 CET 2009

>Mark Sapiro wrote:

>The digest messages are accumulated for a list in a mbox format file
>lists/LISTNAME/digest.mbox. When a new message arrives and is added to
>digest.mbox and the size of digest.mbox is now greater than the list's
>digest_size_threshold, a digest is sent at that time for that list,
>and the digest.mbox is removed.

Hmmm. Removed huh? Maybe our digesting situation isn't so healthy
I just did a recursive listing of the /lists directory and there are
a few digest.mboxes in there! A lot of them have really old dates on
and NONE of them is over 30K. So I think the problem we have here is
our digests ONLY go out when the digest.mbox exceeds 30K, and not
regardless of size". Maybe that's where the senddigests cron job kicks

That still doesn't explain why they are all still there and nothing was
delivered when I ran the cron job at 12:48 today...

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