[Mailman-Users] New crontab query: senddigests

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 4 00:06:55 CET 2009

Savoy, Jim wrote:
>>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>Running cron/senddigests will send a digest for any list which has a
>>digest.mbox file and for which digest_send_periodic=yes regardless of
>>how big the digest is.
>This is where we part ways.
>Without the senddigests cron job, isn't the above statement also true


>Because the digest_sent_periodic=yes setting also doesn't care
>if the digest.mbox is over 30K. It just sends out a message "daily"
>time, I do not know) whenever a digest.mbox exists.

It relies on cron/senddigests being run in order to do this and "daily"
is whenever cron/senddigests runs and could be "twice daily" or "Mon,
Wed and Fri" or whatever depending on when cron/senddigests runs.

>So my question was: Is the only reason you run the cron job in the first
>Is to force that "daily" run to a specific time (eg noon)? I say this
>because I
>have never ran that cron job, but I'm pretty sure everyone gets their

Either they were only getting digests when the size threshold was
reached, or if they were getting them daily at a specific time, then
something was running cron/senddigests at that time.

>> So, if you ran it and nothing happened, there were no such lists. This
>>unlikely. Are you sure no digests were sent?
>I guess it's possible no digest.mboxes exist. There aren't that many
>users here.
>>And yes, running it at noon daily forces the periodic digests at noon,
>>but you can chose another time. I prefer mine to go over night so I
>>run cron/senddigests daily at 03:30.
>I will probably set it up to run at 3:00 am as well. I just ran it at
>today so I could watch it (do nothing (!)).
>I suppose I should change the setting that sends a digest if it exceeds
>too (change it to 1000K or something, so that people never get more than
>digest-per-day), and just use the cron job to send once a day,
>regardless of size,
>at 3:00. I just am not clear on why I need a cronjob to do that, unless
>only purpose is to force a specific time.

You need the cron job because nothing else in Mailman sends digests
periodically. The only other mechanism sends a digest when the list's
digest.mbox exceeds a certain size, which may not happen for weeks on
a low traffic list.

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