[Mailman-Users] New crontab query: senddigests

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Wed Mar 4 00:25:58 CET 2009

>Mark Sapiro wrote:

>You need the cron job because nothing else in Mailman sends digests
>periodically. The only other mechanism sends a digest when the list's
>digest.mbox exceeds a certain size, which may not happen for weeks on
>a low traffic list.

Ok I understand 100% now. The only reason I kept telling you that I am
"pretty sure" people are getting their digests, is because I went to
office once and saw that they had some digests in their inbox.

And I personally forced one of my own tests lists to get a 30K
so I could see what a digest delivery looked like.

In looking over my recursive listing closely, I see that there are 501
total digest.mboxes out there (!). All of them are 30K or under.

>>That still doesn't explain why they are all still there and nothing
>>delivered when I ran the cron job at 12:48 today...

>Are you sure digest_send_periodic is set to Yes for those lists that
>old digest.mbox files?

Absolutely. That is the default we set up and I just checked a bunch of
lists to verify it.

I did check out a couple of the lists that had outstanding digest.mboxes
and found that they didn't have any subscribers with the digest option
(as I said, very few of our users know about and use this feature) so
nothing was delivered today because there was just nothing to be
I take it a digest.mobx is created regardless of whether or not a list
any members using that option. So perhaps everything is fine and
starting this
daily senddigests cron job will be a seamless transition.


 - jim -

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