[Mailman-Users] Shunt Queue and Mailman logging

Jeff Bernier jbernier at risd.edu
Tue Mar 10 19:11:21 CET 2009

Thank you Mark for your help.
I found my Mailman logs, and discovered that in fact the problem was due to permissions. A few of the files in shunt were messages to a list that no longer exists. I deleted these out manually, corrected the file permissions, then ran unshunt. The archive now shows the messages I mentioned in my original message below.
I did however, notice that after I change permissions (I'm doing this from a Windows SCP tool), my changes don't appear to "stick". I'm logging in as root.
Should I be changing permissions another way?
What should be the file and directory permissions in the Archives structure?


>>> Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> 3/10/2009 1:08 PM >>>
Jeff Bernier wrote:
>I 've noticed several files in my shunt folder. when I run show_qfiles, I see that they are messages to one of my lists. I have contacted the list owner/moderator, and this person tells me messages to the list are going out just fine... although I do not see any recent messages in the list archive.

So the messages were probably shunted during archiving. If you examine
the queue entries with bin/dumpdb instead of bin/show_qfiles, you will
see the metadata as the second object and the 'whichq' attribute will
tell you which queue and hence which Runner shunted the message.

>A quick search tells me to look at my Mailman log to see why these messages were put in the Shunt Queue. I cannot find my Mailman log. There does not appear to be any such file.

The same directory that contains bin/* and qfiles/* probably contains
logs/*. Look there for the 'error' log. If it isn't there, it might be
in /var/log/mailman/.

>My questions are:
>How can I get at my log file, or setup logging for Mailman?

See above.

>Are these messages being put into shunt possibly because of a file permissions problem?

Possibly. You need to see the errors.

>What should I do with the files in shunt?

After fixing the underlying problem, run bin/unshunt.

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