[Mailman-Users] How-to suppress replies to mail sent tolist-subscribe at ...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Mar 15 16:31:54 CET 2009

Robert Nickel wrote:

>I've got a mailman server running that I want to allow self-service for
>subscription requests but don't need to let them know that I received the
>email to act on.  My users simply consider such mail to be noise.
>I would like the work flow to be:
>1) User sends email to list-subscribe address.
>2) Normal admin mail is sent to list owner/moderator
>3) User subscription is validated
>4) User starts receiving list email
>The way that it's currently happening is that in between 1 and 2, they get an
>email request like the following:
>    The results of your email command are provided below. Attached is your
>    original message.
>    Results:
>      Your subscription request has been forwarded to the list administrator

If you have the ability to modify the code, you can modify
Mailman/Commands/cmd_subscribe.py as follows. Almost at the end, you
will see

    except Errors.MMNeedApproval:
Your subscription request has been forwarded to the list administrator
at %(listowner)s for review."""))
        # Everything is a-ok

change this to

    except Errors.MMNeedApproval:
        res.respond = 0
        # Everything is a-ok

I.e., remove the res.results... and the next two lines and replace them
with the res.respond = 0 line. Maintain the indentation exactly as
shown and don't use tabs.

If you don't have access to make this change, then the only other
approach is to have the users send their subscribe requests directly
to the list-owner address and the owner can add them via admin mass

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